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About Us

At ECAN Solutions, we strive to provide a variety of solution based services to an increasingly diverse client base. We provide services to both Residential and Commercial clients which enables us to grow alongside our clients and their varying technology based needs. This methodology is what sets us apart from various other IT Solutions providers and is one of the main contributing factors to our company's exponential growth since our founding in 2008.

Our Mission

To keep our customers on the bleeding edge of technology with the highest quality service and products for the best price. It may sound strange but we love it when our customers call us back less because we chose to give them the longest term solution possible instead of just putting a metaphorical “band-aid” over reported issues.

Why Us?

To put it simply, our prices are competitive and our standards go beyond the rest. We know that when things break, someone needs to fix them and FAST so our team is always on the ready to assist when emergencies happen. You can also rest easy knowing that we fully test all of our products, cutting no corners on quality and fully guarantee the work we do!

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