Whether you are an entrepreneur trying to start up your own business or an established business tycoon, the fact is that industry today is dependent on technology which isn’t always so… dependable.

This is where ECAN Solutions Inc can help you! We offer a full spectrum of products and services meant to keep your business on the bleeding edge of 21st century technology! From building new systems to maintaining and upgrading existing ones, we can give your business the edge it needs to flourish, keeping ahead of the competition!

What can we do for your business?

Remote and on-site technical support
PC acquisition and setup
Structured cable installation and repair
Network infrastructure installation, optimization, and management
Analog and IP Telephony support
Commercial grade antivirus and malware protection
Technology consulting
Commercial Audio/Video systems setup

Keep your physical cable infrastructure in tip-top shape!

Staying connected requires you to be… well… connected! Ethernet, telephones, TV, and other devices require a physical connection from one point to another. Without this connection, your devices won't work. Our technicians are skilled and trained in installing physical cable from one point to another. We keep it neat, tidy, and to building code! Unfortunately, not everyone has the attention to detail or to the quality of standards to which we hold ourselves.   But don’t worry, we are able to repair and replace shoddy cable work done by others to keep you connected!

Keep your computers running fast so your business can grow faster!
In a way, computers are not that different from cars, an everyday presence in our lives upon which most of us depend yet few truly understand the inner workings of such. Without proper maintenance, things will inevitably start to break down. Over time your once shiny new device will be reduced to a heap of scrap. We are to computers as mechanics are to cars; keeping your fleet of systems running in tip-top shape, preventing catastrophic breakdowns from happening at the worst possible time, leaving you and your business stranded. Unfortunately, like a car with high mileage, maintaining an aging PC will start to become a difficult task, even for our highly skilled technicians. Not to worry though, as when the time comes to retire your faithful machines, we can build you a replacement that is chock-full of the latest technology reducing the need of constant short term maintenance.

Provide quick and reliable support!

A lot of times, our customers experience issues which turn out to be very simple fixes which can make the expense of a site visit a bit harder to swallow, not to mention the indirect costs brought about when a problem causes the productivity of your employees (and business) to come grinding to an abrupt halt! This is why we offer our customers comprehensive remote support solutions which allow us to remote in to provide assistance in mere seconds without the added expense and time of having a technician drive out to site! By our estimates, approximately 90% of the time our skilled help desk specialists are able to resolve an issue remotely. Unfortunately, there are times which a significant network issue will prevent us from logging in, necessitating the assistance of trained engineer. The good news is that we can still have a technician out ASAP to get you back up and running; no appointment necessary! Now that’s service!

Provide high-tech solutions for problems big and small!
At ECAN, we believe in working smarter, not harder. We work hard to help our customers find ways of integrating modern technology into their business so they and their employees can work smart; dramatically increasing both their productivity and efficiency!

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