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It's fair to say that almost everyone has experienced that mini heart attack that happens when you drop your phone. More often than not, like the buttered side of toast, it seems the device almost always comes to rest with the screen facing down which only leaves your imagination to run wild with worry about how bad the damage will be when you look at it.

Cliff hangers are the worst.

After a couple seconds of standing there helplessly contemplating the life choices which led you to this point, you lean over to pick up your device and inspect it for damage. Sometimes, if you are lucky, you will turn it over to find nothing more than a few minor scratches on the casing and no damage to any of the functional bits of the device; but it doesn't always work out that way...

Presumably, the man in this stock photo starved to death because he could no longer share pictures of his food on Instagram. 

A lot of times, even if the screen does get cracked, you can at least still plug your phone into a PC to get your precious photos off before shipping it up in for a replacement but some of us make phone destruction an art form and those people may find that precious photos are lost forever.
The good news is that you can totally avoid this issue but utilizing cloud services which back your photos up regularly whenever you connect to wifi!Google Photos is a solution made by, well... Google. It's typically preinstalled on every modern Android phone and is a free download on the iPhone app store! It's quite simple to set up, linking right up to your google account, storing photos on your Google Drive, and keeping your memories perfectly safe just in case you ever have any accidents.

But wait; There's more!

Google Photos also allows you to share photos and video on the cloud with friends from anywhere without having to waste precious mobile data because everything is already online!
Setting it up to automatically backup your photos is a pretty simple process but if you aren't sure then here are some simple guides for both Android users and iPhone/iPad users.
Once you get it all set up, sharing is even easier! Here's a guide on how to share photos and videos using google photos for both Android and iPhone/iPad users.

So whether you want peace of mind or you just want to share large quantity of photos with friends, Google Photos is a very streamlined solution for everyone!